Do Regional Economic Organisations Suffer from a Democratic Legitimacy Deficit?

Evidence from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas

1st March 2016

Many observers of the European Union (EU) argue that economic integration has generated a ‘democratic ... Read More

Vigilantism in South Africa

1st March 2016

This essay provides an analysis of violence in South Africa as it relates to self-help, ... Read More

Four Myths of Fashion

An Ethnographic Research on the Fashion Media Industry in Hong Kong and Mainland China

1st March 2016

Fashion meanings are constantly shifting as they interact with specific sociohistorical, economic and cultural situations, ... Read More

Manufacturing India beyond India

Policies and Politics of Migration in the Andaman Islands

1st March 2016

Popular discourse on the Andaman Islands has been dominated either by exotic notions of insular ... Read More

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