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Alternative Engagements with ‘Homeland’

Sindh as an Expression of Diasporic Sindhi Identity

1st December 2012

This paper is premised on a non-traditional understanding of the nature and role of the ... Read More

Neofundamentalist Thought, Dakwah, and Religious Pluralism among Muslims in Singapore

1st December 2012

Since the mid 1970s, Muslim societies have seen the emergence and spread of a new ... Read More

‘Us’ and ‘Them’

Ethnic Minority Gangs in the Singapore Prisons

1st December 2012

This research is the first empirical study to examine ethnic minority gangs which have emerged ... Read More

Towards Internationalism

Beyond Colonial and Nationalist Sociologies

1st December 2012

In this paper I ask two sets of questions. First, given the organic links between ... Read More

ISA Forum of Sociology

Social Justice and Democratization in the 21st Century

1st June 2012

Buenas noches. On behalf of the International Sociological Association, it is my great honor to ... Read More

Modern law, traditional ‘Salish’ and civil society activism in Bangladesh

1st June 2012

One of the challenges of modernisation in Bangladesh is played out in the confrontation between ... Read More

Social Mobility and Social Structure

Towards a Conceptual-methodological Re-orientation

1st June 2012

My first interaction worth-the-name with Professor Srinivas was in the Vice-Chancellor’s office at the Delhi ... Read More

Secession in the Contemporary World

1st June 2012

Within the recent past, five events in the Sudan, Sri Lanka, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, ... Read More

Socio-economic and Health Impact of Labour Migration in Nepal

1st June 2012

Migration comprises population movements across international borders (out-migration) and within country (in-migration) which broadly includes ... Read More

Tribal Identity, Religious Conversion and Violence in India

A Preliminary Note

1st June 2012

On 23rd December 2007, when the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was celebrating the ... Read More

Musical Knowledge and the Vernacular Past in Post-War Sri Lanka

1st June 2012

This article registers two types of musical past in Sri Lanka that constitute vital problems ... Read More

Neoliberal Morality in Singapore

Institutionalising the Logics of Neoliberalism

1st June 2012

Neoliberalism as discourse and practice has been welldocumented and roundly criticised by scholars. Analysing a ... Read More

Spatial Ethnic Diversity Patterns in Malaysia

What Can We Learn from Bio-Diversity Research?

1st March 2012

We are living in a world of increasing diversity, both in terms of measurable items, ... Read More

Occupy Toronto

A Photo-Essay

1st March 2012

Barely a few weeks before the Occupy Wall Street movement caught most by surprise, many ... Read More

The Sociology of Complex Emergencies

1st March 2012

‘Complex emergencies’ – disasters caused by natural events (famines, tsunami, earthquakes, forest fires, landslides, flooding) ... Read More

In Conversation with Dr . Raymond Lee

1st March 2012

Dr Raymond Lee was born in Malaysia more than 6 decades ago. He studied in ... Read More

New Car Blessing

Creolisation, Modernity and Religious Beliefs on Reunion Island

1st March 2012

Andre Mary (2000) in his work on popular religions in Africa suggests that syncretic forms ... Read More

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