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Diaspora after Death

A Visual Essay of Bukit Brown Cemetery in Singapore

1st December 2015

This visual essay is a record of the social and cultural life of Bukit Brown ... Read More

From Execution to E-Mobilisation

Luneta Park as Dramaturgical Protest Space

1st December 2015

Over a period of two decades, the Philippines has experienced a political transformation that can ... Read More

The Possibility of Global Public Sociology

1st December 2015

In this paper, I revisit the debate on public sociology within the wider institutional context ... Read More

Ramblings and Rigmaroles of an Anthropophagi

Journey Chronotropes from the Margins (Patna) to the Metropole (New Delhi)

1st December 2015

This is an auto-ethnography of the time that I spent at three of the most ... Read More


A spontaneous Mexican student social movement

1st July 2015

During the past presidential elections, in 2012, Mexico endured her own Mexican Spring. Iam132 (#YoSoy132) ... Read More

In Conversation with Janet Carsten

1st July 2015

Janet Carsten has conducted research in Malaysia and Britain. After completing her PhD at the ... Read More

An Analysis of Waste Production in Patna

1st July 2015

Patna, the capital city of Bihar, though boasts of rich cultural heritage, is unfortunately also ... Read More

Religious Pluralism and Sociological Engagement

Reflections of a Young Sociologist from the Philippines

1st July 2015

This paper reflects upon the trajectory of my work on the sociology of religion in ... Read More

Varieties of Modernity, Varieties of Self

Varieties of Modernity, Varieties of Self

1st March 2015

The main thesis of this paper is that while the holy trinity of Western sociologists ... Read More

Imaginary Frontiers and Deferred Masculinity

Singapore Working Class Men in Batam

1st March 2015

This paper looks at Singaporean working class men who travel to the Indonesian island of ... Read More

News and information trends in the North and South

A historical and sceptical orientation

1st March 2015

The article presents a broad sweep of the centrality of news as information necessary in ... Read More

Understanding female seafarers who have passed through the port city of Durban

1st March 2015

Women seafarers face a series of gender related challenges whilst working in a male dominated ... Read More

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