A Critical Analysis of the Symbiotic Relationship between Sinophobia in Online News and United States’ Foreign Policy on China

Jack Fong

A content analysis of online news headlines (n=201) during a randomly selected two year period from 2010 to 2011 between the range of
2001 and 2018 was undertaken by inputting headline text into Wordle text analytical software. The data reveal that 87% of historical and political themes about China (n=175) are negative. This randomly selected binary years is argued to reflect how Sinophobia has a long chronology that continues to the current time of this writing. The manuscript discusses how the online news media in our examination is thus complicit in assembling over time, a China that is a new diabolical entity of the East, contextualized in a new Cold War, thus doing the bidding of the current hawkish administration. By examining how the American population relates to online news, I forward the assertion that by harnessing online news to demonise China over time, apathy or Sinophobia will be instilled within the American population, one which will enable US foreign policy to engage in machination to set into motion some atavism of regime change in China.

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