1st March 2019

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1st March 2019

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A Proposition

Affective Dimensions of Fieldwork and the Empirical Affect Montage Thomas Stodulka Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology

1st March 2019

This article discusses the potential of fieldworkers’ affects and emotions as epistemic processes. Read More

Nuclear power policy in Japan as a resonance problem

1st March 2019

This article will look at the development of nuclear power policy in Japan and its ... Read More

Towards an Education-based Meritocracy?

Why Modernisation and Social Reproduction theories cannot explain trends in educational inequalities: outline of an alternative explanation

1st March 2019

Education is the single most important determinant of life chances. Read More

A Critical Analysis of the Symbiotic Relationship between Sinophobia in Online News and United States’ Foreign Policy on China

1st March 2019

My manuscript highlights how the American online news media acts as an instrument of United ... Read More

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