Alternative Engagements with ‘Homeland’

Sindh as an Expression of Diasporic Sindhi Identity

1st December 2012

This paper is premised on a non-traditional understanding of the nature and role of the ... Read More

Neofundamentalist Thought, Dakwah, and Religious Pluralism among Muslims in Singapore

1st December 2012

Since the mid 1970s, Muslim societies have seen the emergence and spread of a new ... Read More

‘Us’ and ‘Them’

Ethnic Minority Gangs in the Singapore Prisons

1st December 2012

This research is the first empirical study to examine ethnic minority gangs which have emerged ... Read More

Towards Internationalism

Beyond Colonial and Nationalist Sociologies

1st December 2012

In this paper I ask two sets of questions. First, given the organic links between ... Read More

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